Analyze E-mail Threats in Seconds

Zero Miss for E-mail Threats

Fast and Scalable

Docguard analyzes the samples in seconds using amazingly low system resources.

Simple Deployment & Integration

You can easily install Docguard by deploying a Docker container and integrate it with your cybersecurity ecosystem in minutes by using API interface.

Easy Malware Analysis

Docguard can detect all advance threats like VBA Stomping, Excel 4.0 Macros, DDE Exploits, and many others.

DETECT E-Mail Threats

Easily Integrate with E-mail Gateways and SOAR solutions

Detects malicious attachments and URLs those include malware in seconds.
What we do

Why Docguard

Docguard can analyze files in seconds using its groundbreaking analyzer engine and detect all known attack methods without any miss.

Detect All Attack Techniques

Docguard can detect all known e-mail attack methods without any miss.

Reduce Your Malware Analysis Dwell Time

Docguard can analyze files in seconds by using its groundbreaking analyzer engine.

Close Your Email Security Gateway's Gaps

Gartner strongly suggests that Email Security Supplements are needed if an organization has a particular use case or a specific advanced threat type is prevalent. Additionally, Docguard should be considered as an additional layer of defense.

Easy Alert Triage

DocGuard helps to automate validation of alerts from different sources like SOAR solutions, SIEM or Phishme, Cofense, etc.


Most frequent questions and answers

No. Docguard Analyzer Engine is a static scanner and has brought a unique perspective to static analysis. We called this approach structural analysis.

Yes. Docguard is free on cloud. But if you want to integrate Docguard with your security ecosystem over API, you need to purchase a DOCGuard license.

Yes. Our customers can easily install Docguard by deploying a Docker container. For more details contact us.

In 2020, %94 of malware was delivered via e-mail. Furthermore, %86 of this e-mails contain Microsoft Office document or PDF file.

SOC teams can use the product to alert validation or IR teams can use for malware analysis process or Security teams can close the gaps of their existing solutions.

Yes. Please contact us to start your trial today!

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