LockBit3.0 Manual Analysis

LockBit 3.0 (also known as LockBit Black) is a strain of ransomware borne from the LockBit ransomware family. This is a group of ransomware programs that was first discovered in September 2019, after the first wave of attacks took place. … Read More

LNK file-based Attacks Are on The Rise

Introduction After Microsoft disabled the macros in Microsoft Office, criminals started to look for new techniques to beat security defenses and make it harder to detect malware and hide it from security solutions. LNK attack is one of the powerful … Read More

#APT Attack Targeting Russia

Today, we identified a sample uploaded to DOCGuard that targets Russia. This file uses template injection to connect to C2 and download the next stage. What is a template injection? Microsoft Word has a feature where a user can create … Read More

Running Shellcode Through Windows Callbacks Using VBA Macro

87% of the ransomware found on the dark web has been delivered via malicious macros to infect targeted systems. Because of this reason, AV and Sandbox vendors try to extend their Macro detection capabilities. On the other hand, attackers have … Read More

What is VBA Stomping?

Threat actors employ a variety of strategies to conceal dangerous macros; VBA Stomping is a brilliant trick for embedding macros in Office documents (e.g., a .xlsm Excel workbook) in a way that can deceive security tools. At this point, Docguard … Read More