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Analysis of Lnk Based Obfuscated AutoIt Malware

The analysis process of a lnk-based malware is generally based on static and AutoIt deobfuscation. To examine the important fields of the lnk file where the infection chain first starts, let’s look at its headers and commands. There is a … Read More

A Quick Analysis of Vjw0rm

Vjw0rm is a javascript-based worm. It keeps coming up with different AV bypass mechanisms day by day, and according to our research, Vjw0rm was first seen in 2020-2021. Vjw0rm can perform operations with different commands. It communicates with the C2 … Read More

Deep Dive: Analysis of Shell Link (.lnk) Files

.lnk files, commonly known as shortcuts, allow a specific application to run. Usually, users can safely access these files on their computers and run them correctly. However, malicious actors have the potential to use these files to trick users into … Read More

Phishing HTML with Zero Detection on VT and Bazaar

VT: 0/58 MB: 0/8 Filename: pl2auth.html MD5:1ce0a94c569efcaffb106b5624820030 IOCs: https[:]//sendargo[.]sbs/loqs/play/one/send[.]php https[:]//iprisky[.]sbs/mx2.2/?access= Report: Click here

Social Engineering Test Evaded Nearly all the AVs

Social Engineering Test Evaded Nearly all the AVs

VT: 1/61 Filename:mindsetters_present1.doc MD5:4d5d951f2033e7e926395e8e0f7de847 IOCs: http[:]// Report: Click here